Re: [Evolution] Two new probs with 2/13 snaps

I can't speak for the contacts as I don't use that feature yet.
However, clicking add task in the calendar and tasks works fine here.
Runnin RH 6.2 &*today's snapshot.


On 13 Feb 2001 11:25:21 -0500, Tim Reilly wrote:
Hey Evolutionites,

Just wondering if these two thing have happened to anyone else with new
RH6.2 snaps:

1) Calendar and Tasks crash after hitting enter in the "Click Here to
add a task" field.

2) All of my contacts dissapeared! I only had ~dozen, so it's not a big
deal, but still... I'm sure there are folks who lost more than that.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


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