Re: [Evolution] KDE Whiners

Ah.  You gave away the store. 

Aaron Weber wrote:

See our new statement about that issue at  --
We've discussed the issue with Andreas Pour, and come to an amicable
(I love the open lanes of communication in free software.  can you
imagine IBM and Sun agreeing
about anything?)

It looks to me like the communication all goes one way.  It also teaches
the KDE team that if they cry loud enough they will get their way.


On 13 Feb 2001 18:03:36 +1100, James Mollison wrote:
Ximian bought space from Google to
put up their ad every time someone types KDE or Konqueror or a bunch of
other KDE related names into their search field, sort of like Sun
putting up ads on Linux sites, or Linux companies putting up ads on
Microsoft sites.

The KDE babies have been grieviously offended by this and haven't
stopped blubbering all day.  Now they they're going to sue.  Good way to
get laughed out of an attorney's office.

They are not going to sue.  All they said was that the advertising (the way
it was presented on google) was unethical, and not "in the spirit" of open
source software - (

Perhaps they just feel a bit overwhelmed at the tactics used, and the money

Even heavyweights like Ibm & Sun tread lightly when it comes to competing
with other rival equivlent open-source products. Nothing wrong with
advertising open-source products, Its just the way the Ximian adverts were
targeted at KDE users.

My question is:  Why did Ximian take the ads down??  They should've made
them bigger!

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