[Evolution] Display Problems with Evolution 0.8

Hi all,
I've some problem with Evolution 0.8

I'm using Debian Potato (r2) with Kernel 2.2.17.

I've installed evolution from .deb files.
When I run evolution I can see only menu and nothing else.

To better understand what I mean you can look here:
http://www.firenze.linux.it/~cosimo/evo_shot.jpg (45KB~).

I suppose is a locale problem but I can't understand which.
My box is configured with:
LANGUAGE is not set

If I try to set LANGUAGE or if I try to set LANG to "it_IT" and LANGUAGE to
"it", nothing changes. So if I try to set it to "fr_FR" and so on.

If I try to set LANG to something wrong I obtain something better.
If I set LANG to "foo_FOO" I can see this:
http://www.firenze.linux.it/~cosimo/evo_shot2.jpg (80KB~)

As you can see, the Shortcut elementes and Folders name are now displayed
but From, Subject and Date of the selected email...are not there.

Can you suggest me something?

Another problem (perhaps bigger than the previous one):

I can't set up my mail account.
The NEXT button in MAIL CONFIGURATION (or the OK button) are always disabled
so I can't save my mail configuration.

You can see what I mean here:
http://www.firenze.linux.it/~cosimo/evo_shot3.jpg (39KB~)

Any suggestion is appreciated.
I'm subscribed to the list so you can answer here.


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