Re: [Evolution] Congrats to Ximian/OO developers + more ammo!

For some reason, Microsoft has managed to convince the world that
groupware is everything that Outlook/Exchange provide. But that was just
a marketing ploy to get people away from Lotus Notes/Domino. Notes is so
much more than Outlook, even though its implementation is strange.
Creating something akin to Domino using open standards, with the ability
to plug-in a variety of scripting languages and having various Bonobo
components which can be integrated in Evolution would make me (and many
others) very happy.


So, what is 'groupware'?
    * calendaring
    * email access
    ? newsgroup access
    * email alias/list management
    * shared file access (webdav?)
    * todo lists
    * project/progress tracking
    * address book(s)

        * document management (in contrast to mere shared file access)
      * workflow management
      * knowledge databases
      * telephony integration

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