[Evolution] Tasks % complete idea

I was mentioning this sort of thing before but for the % complete entry
of the todo (tasks) list, It would be great if I could type in 21/64 and
have that become 33%.  (21/64=.328125)
The reason being, for reading assignments in school I know how many
pages I have to read and how many I've read. Currently 21 of 64. I'm
sure there are other tasks that could be entered much easier as a

Also, I've noticed there isn't a field for estimated time required. That
would be nice. Then a summary could say ``you have x hours of work to do
today'' or the % complete column could say ``20% (3 hours to go)''

Also, if a big (time consuming) asignment were comming up, Evolution
could be smart and highlight an item due in 5 days requiring 2 days work
before something due tomarrow requiring five minutes time.


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