Re: [Evolution] Mandrake 7.2, Gnome & Evolution

I actually tried the Redhat 6.2 snapshots and got it to work rather
nicely.  the only 2 problems that I found are the snapshots are from Jan
30th and in my version at least, none of my mail filters work.  I'm
using an IMAP Mandrake 7.2 server to hold my mail and I connect to it
with my laptop. I have had any lost mail yet! :-)

This weekend I am going to download the source snapshots for redhat 7
and rebuild the rpms for my machine to see how that works.

Why the RH7 sources, instead of the latest RH6.2 sources? I thought it was
only the binary snapshots that haven't been made, since the Ximian packagers
ran out of disk space on that machine? Won't the RH7 sources have calls to
the GLIBC 2.2 libraries, that might not exist in the GLIBC 2.1 libs?

I can't use the current prebuilt rpms form the Redhat 7 directory
because they want GLIBC 2.2 and Mandrake 7.2 is GLIB 2.1.

I think rebuilding the rpms might be easier than trying to upgrade to

I guess I'll know soon enough!

Let us (and me!) know. Maybe you can upload them somewhere that others can
get, until the packaging team gets the new disks, or the time to pacakge for
a different distribution.

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