Re: [Evolution] open letter to Ximian Evo team: RH 6.2 blues

I believe that we do not own the build boxes but instead rent them.
Therefor we cannot open up the boxes to add a new drive or we void the
lease. We have to instead wait for someone to come out and install the


On 08 Feb 2001 14:29:45 -0500, Fernando Pereira wrote:
On 08 Feb 2001 14:09:53 -0500, Alec Peden wrote:
I think the build machine is out of HD space, thats why there has been
no snapshots for about a week. Another option is to just co from cvs. 

That's exactly the point I was making to our Ximian friends. It's not as
if there is a deep-seated software configuration problem that needs a
week to solve. Not solving the disk space problem says something about
priorities, and I hope they reconsider them so that they can both
attract customers and benefit from their willingness to test their new
creations, and eventually to pay for service.

The last time I built from CVS I spent the best part of an evening
getting everything to work out, because of missing libraries etc. I
succeeded, but then I found that the CVS version was behind the snapshot
I was fighting with, and now I have no time to redo the experiment. As I
said in my previous message, the very small Mac Eudora team was able to
keep releasing packaged betas that worked on a wide variety of MacOS
versions and hardware configurations, so the problem of maintaining a
good relationship with early access users is solvable.

-- F

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