Re: [Evolution] new oaf problem ?

Evolution snapshots are not meant to be used my end-users. The preview
releases arent even targeted towards end-users. If you want a "smoother
upgrade path", I'd suggest waiting til 1.0 is completed. Evolution is
based on RAPIDLY changing libs that  wont be apart of GNOME til 1.4
which is over a month away. Evolution has a disclaimer everytime you
open it up for a reason.


We're SUPPOSED to be testing the software, and reporting bugs/making
suggestions/making feature requests for making the program better.

Well, that was his suggestion for making the testing/upgrading easier. And
quite a good one, too.

Why force users to go thru this debugging/clean-up procedure, when including
the clean-up/process killing procedure in the pre- or post-install scripts
will avoid it all together? Especially when it's something that MUST be done
for proper upgrading/installation of the Ximian company's software (i.e.,
"rm $TMPDIR/orbit*" and "oaf-slay").

It's not like he's asking for the world; just a bit more attention to detail
in the packaging to provide ease of use for the end-user.

On 06 Feb 2001 16:39:17 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:
Well, I had done this and rebooted (not related, kernel change), and it
wasn't better. I had to remove /tmp/orbit*, then to restart everyting
oaf-related to make the trick.
This is really a pain in the neck. Why can't the packagers use the
possibility present in the packages (rpm and deb) to clean up everything
when updating oaf ? This would save some time for end-users. I remember
past discussion about not killing oafd (I don't remember precisely the
reason), well each time I kill it it seems harmless. So why don't we
have a
smoother upgrade path ?

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