Re: [Evolution] new oaf problem ?

Well, I had done this and rebooted (not related, kernel change), and it
wasn't better. I had to remove /tmp/orbit*, then to restart everyting
oaf-related to make the trick.
This is really a pain in the neck. Why can't the packagers use the script
possibility present in the packages (rpm and deb) to clean up everything
when updating oaf ? This would save some time for end-users. I remember a
past discussion about not killing oafd (I don't remember precisely the
reason), well each time I kill it it seems harmless. So why don't we have a
smoother upgrade path ?


Le 2001.02.06 15:17:58 +0100, Alec Peden a écrit :
run oaf-slay

On 06 Feb 2001 14:18:38 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:
Hi !

since I installed latest snapshot (with
oaf-0.6.2-100_helix_2001013017), I
can't run some applets anymore:

[xav nomade:~]$ mixer_applet 

** WARNING **: Could not get name service!

** ERROR **: file goad.c: line 1237 (goad_server_register): assertion
failed: (name_server != CORBA_OBJECT_NIL)
Aborted (core dumped)

Does any of you have the same problem, and know why / how to fix it ?

I have a RH6.2, latest gnome (via helix-install), evolution snapshot
2000 01 30, nautilus PR3 installed via rpms.


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Alec Peden
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