Re: [Evolution] Priority and confirming?

On 05 Feb 2001 15:19:30 -0500, Dan Winship wrote:
When will we have the possibility choose the priority
when sending a mail?

Not sure about that... we were talking about how we want to deal with
that a few weeks ago.

    Ok! I trust you will make a good decision.

There is no standard for these, and providing checkboxes for "Confirm
Delivery if the Recipient Uses Exchange Server" and "Confirm Reading
if the Recipient Uses Exchange, Outlook, or Evolution" would be...
well, weird.

    Yes, I know there is no standard. Hovever, why don¨t do it like
    xfmail (and
    archimedes?) does it?  It includes every possible header in the mail
    could trigger the reciever to act. If i remember correct it adds the
    headers to the mail:

    Disposition-Notification-To: tonyk
    X-Confirm-Reading-To: tonyk
    X-Chameleon-Return-To: tonyk
    X-XFmail-Return-To: tonyk
    Why not add a "X-Evolution-Return:" header to these and then
    make evolution send responses to these kind of headers? Or why
    just don't use the X-Confirm-Reading: -header?

    Ok. I know that these things seldom works, but sometimes they do
    and when they do, it could be valuable information..;-) 

    But hey, I will not cry if you decide not to add this to evolution.

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