Re: [Evolution] Evolution only starts as root

I  also had a problem with an old version of oaf installed in
/usr/local/bin while the needed files were in /usr/bin. 
Somewhere in the archives there was an email idenitifying 
which oaf files to remove.  Anyone have the specifics?

-Jim P.

--- Rutherford thehelm com wrote:
Hi Marc,

I had the same problem until I read the archives.
The answer I found was to delete everything in /tmp/orbit-<username>/
I am using the nightly builds and evolution crashes everyso often and
have to delete everything in the folder to get it to start again.


On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Marc Kattrin wrote:

Hi everybody.

I´ve installed evolution from rpm packages for suse linux.
everything went well, but i can only start it as root.
if i run from normal user i get : cannot initialize evolution shell

what´s wrong ???

Marc Kattrin
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