Re: [Evolution] Re: Evo usable as daily/regular mail app?

On 03 Feb 2001 10:26:44 -0500, Alan Shutko wrote:
Dwight McKay <dwight net-kitchen com> writes:

I'm using evolution 0.8 daily as my primary mail agent. I get about 70
to 90 messages a day on average. 

I get ten times that.  Currently, I'm afraid to switch... anyone else
using Evolution with 700-900 msgs/day?

I'm at 300-400 a day, generally, but only because I make heavy use of
digests for things that I don't need to see immediately (gnome-list,
cvs-commits for 4 projects, etc).  I'm using IMAP, and I've not lost any
mail (that I know of).  However, I'm VERY proficient with using 'mail'
on the command line to send email now, since the composer gets totally
screwed every couple of weeks.  (it's kinda broken right now, I can't
send any new emails.  :/).  Later,


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