Re: [Evolution] "Run before connect" feature

On Fri, 2001-12-21 at 10:25, Chris Tooley wrote:
Evolution Gurus:

      I use IMAP to connect to my Lotus Domino server and it works
wonderfully.  I absolutely love the way it's worked out for me. 
However, we are putting some machines together for staff to have at
home.  I would like to set the machines up to connect to the IMAP server
before I give them to the person.  However, since I require tunneling
IMAP through SSH to get to the IMAP (and LDAP for that matter) server I
was wondering something.  I know when I run "evolution" it fires off a
bunch of different parts.  Would it be possible to add another thing to
fire off with that (an ssh client with tunneling).  That would be very
handy to have set up for them so they don't have to know anything at all
about ssh happening.

      I was thinking about a shell script to perform the same basic function
but that may be trickier.

I don't see why that would be trickier.

ssh -n -Lport1:imaphost:imap remotehost sleep 1000000 &
sleep 5  ## Give the ssh time to connect
kill $sshpid

   - Ian

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