[Evolution] Fwd: gpg and making it easier to use

From:   Ryan Muldoon <rpmuldoon students wisc edu>
To:     evolution ximian com
Subject:        gpg and making it easier to use
Date:   09 Dec 2001 22:57:31 -0600      

I am pleased with Evolution's basic GPG/PGP support, but after playing
with it a little bit, I have a few suggestions that would (I think) make
it a lot more approachable for the average user.

The hardest part about encryption is that it is difficult to set up. 
Evolution already nicely takes care of the easy part - signing and
decrypting messages, given that you already have a keyring going.

A couple things seem like they would probably be easy to do:
1. Just like how Evolution has an option to always send a given contact
HTML mail, it would be nice if it would always send a contact
encrypted/signed mail.

2. It would be nice if in the Contacts list, there was a field for PGP
Key.  It would be very nice if it could query your gpg keyring for you
to grab this info.

3. Bonus points would be if you could auto-query a keyserver like
pgp.mit.edu for adding new keys to your keyring, either for those on
your contacts list, or when you get a signed email from someone for whom
you don't have their public key.

4. Extra bonus points for a general keymanager bonobo control that
Evolution, gAIM, and (ideally) Nautilus could use.  Something to let you
sign new keys, rate your trust of the key, and other basic key
management tools.  

5. Perhaps a nice "security druid" that can hand-hold the user through
setting up their keyring initially, and sending the key to keyservers.

This would be a quantum leap forward in terms of getting people to
actually use gpg.  I'd imagine that the corporate market would be
interested in this.


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