Re: [Evolution] Spell checker is blind...

On Fri, 2001-12-07 at 08:57, Andre Truter wrote:
Hi All,

I have the spell checker working fine on my Evolution on my Home box.

Now I want the spell checker to work on my notebook too, but it seems to
be blind.
I can type the most awfull spelling mistakes and then run a spell
check.  The spell checker reports that everthing is fine.

I can even write a mail in Afrikaans and the spell checker is quite
happy with my spelling.  If I did this on my home machine, about the
whole mail is underlined in red.

I have teh following installed on my notebook:

I reverted aspell to RedHat 7.2 aspell (aspell-0.33.7-1)

Now the spell checker is complaining happily about 'teh' that is spelled
wrong.  :-)

Now I have the following installed:

Thanks for the help.

PS:  Damn!  Now I see bad spelling of my original mail....


Andre Truter
Software Engineer

< The box said: Requires Windows 95 or better...  >
< So I installed Linux                            >

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