RE: [Evolution] Ximian Connector?

On Tue, 2001-12-04 at 19:09, Stephen Witkop wrote:
The only problem that I have with this is the timing. Ximian Connector
has obviously been planned for some time, so why wasn't it laid out
along with all the other plans for evolution. It just makes it seem as
though Ximian was afraid they would lose support among developers and
users so they didn't announce anything until they had what they wanted.
I'm not saying that's what they were actually doing but that's certainly
the way it seems.

I can see how it might seem that way.  A big component of the timing was
not wanting to announce it before we could start demoing it and giving
out evaluation copies to potential customers.  We weren't trying to
trick anyone, but we didn't want to announce it and then ask people who
wanted to buy it to wait 6 months before they could see a demo :-).



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