[Evolution] Evolution 1.0 is released

The final 1.0 release of Evolution has just landed on Ximian servers
and mirrors worldwide.


If you use Ximian GNOME, you can install Evolution 1.0 by subscribing
to the Ximian GNOME channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get Software).

If you do not have Ximian GNOME installed, you can download Evolution
binaries from our FTP server at:


or visit our Source Code page at:


to get the latest source tarballs.


* Disabled OpenSSL support.  (NSS-based SSL will still work.)

* #15154 : Fixed a GtkHTML rendering bug.

* #14893 : Fixed a bug in the mailer that could cause it to lock when
  entering a wrong password.


The core Evolution team would like to thank the various people who
have been helping out tremendously during these two years of work.

* Zbigniew Chyla, Kjartan Maraas and Akira Tagoh, for their
  contributions to solving I18N issues in the code.

* Peter Teichman, Dave Camp, Dan Mills, Frank Belew and Mark Gordon,
  for keeping up with all the packaging problems, impossible schedules
  and broken tarballs.

* Cheridy Jollie, for maintaining our beautiful web pages on

* Peter Williams, Jason Leach and Kevin Breit, for being the best
  interns ever.

* Jacob Berkman, for being one of the earliest adopters of Evolution
  and providing lots of useful feedback, especially in the old days
  when pretty much nothing worked properly.

* Miles Lane and all the other bug reporters for their continuous
  testing and flooding of the Bugzilla.

* Bob Doan and Heath Harrelson for helping us to keep the Bugzilla
  database healthy and clean.

* Michael Meeks, for his constant help in figuring out Bonobo and
  Bonobo-related issues.

* All the translators that made Evolution usable in languages
  different from English.

* All the pre-1.0 Evolution users; Evolution 1.0 would not be as good
  if it wasn't for the help of the brave people who fed the baby with
  their very own mail and flooded our Bugzilla with bug reports.


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