[Evolution] Can't use TLS (SMTP over SSL) on port 25

I'm using 1.0.  If I set up my account to use SMTP over SSL on port 25
(with "sabe.cs.wisc.edu:25" as the server and "use SSL" and "server
requires authentication" checked), evolution hangs on send without
asking me for a password (or on "check for supported authentication

This server works with Netscape Mail (4.75).  What am I doing wrong?  Is
there a bug here?


Will Benton      | "Nicht wie die Welt ist, ist das Mystische, 
willb acm org    |  sondern daß sie ist." --L. Wittgenstein
**GnuPG public key:  http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~willb/pubkey

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