Re: [Evolution] replying to list sends message to myself - apparently SOLVED

I'm not able to reproduce it...

I just tried Reply-To-List to a message that was to evolution ximian com
and cc'd to me, but the composer popped up with evolution ximian com in
the To: entry and nothing in the Cc... so it seems to work fine on my


On Sat, 2001-12-01 at 20:31, wolfi wrote:

Recently I wrote about this behaviour, and meanwhile I am comparatively
sure about its origin. It happened to me with the SuSE Linux list, btw.
Works like that:

- I send a message to the list
- Someone does 'reply to all', I receive this message twice
  Once for me and once via the list
- I do reply to list, evo mistakes my email-adress for the list adress
  and sends the answer to me

So apparently it is a consecutive error from the unluckily very common
behaviour of 'reply to all' in mailing lists.
The only fix in evolution for this would be everybody using evolution
and using 'reply to list' correctly ...

Cheers ...

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