Re: [Evolution] IMAP SSL wierdness

This could be a known bug Evo doesn't change the
connection to the SSL port unless you do a restart. So it may have
connected to 143, then evo was restarted and it connected to 993.
Completely independent of the local account change.


On Sat, 2001-12-01 at 19:31, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
That doesn't make any sense, imap doesn't know anything about mbox and
mbox doesn't know anything about imap.

Nor do different accounts have any knowlegde of each other at all.

How do you know what port it connected to? Are you sure it didn't
connect *before* you specified ssl?


On Fri, 2001-11-30 at 21:39, Warren G. Anderson wrote:
I just set up an imaps server to connect to with evolution, but
encountered a strange problem. I had as my default account a local UNIX
mbox, and set up a second imap account. I checked the "use SSL" box on
the account when setting it up. However, when I connected, it opened a
non-secure (port 143) connection to the server. After fiddling with
various things for about an hour, I decided to disable the local account
(which I probably won't use anyway). I renewed my connection to the
server (which had timed out some time previously) and low and behold, it
was an imaps connection (port 993) this time. I'm pretty sure that the
only significant change I made was disabling the default (local)
account. Is this a known "feature"?

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