[Evolution] feature requests


first of all thanks for this great software, i've been using it for
quite a while now and it is getting more stable with every beta/rc.

still i'm missing some features that would make it even better. if some
of them are already possible and i just didn't find them yet, please
somebody enlighten me. also please forgive me if some of these thing
have already been discussed, i haven't been reading the list for a

1) why can i have more than one server receiving mail from but send only
with one? it would be nice to send each mail with the outgoing server of
the account that matches the sender email address used in this mail. the
reason for this is that some of my email accounts let me send only
messages with the corresponding sender email, so i have to use the
sender of my default account for all mails.

2) related with 1 because it would partly solve the problem: why doesn't
the reply to field offer the same dropdown list as the from field?

3) my current provider uses pop after smtp authentication. so when i
write emails and the time span has run out i have to hit send/receive
twice to get everything sent. a checkbox in the account options would be
nice for this, so sending could be done _after_ receiving from the
account and not simultaniously.

4) dragging contacts into folders only copies them, i would like to move
them with some additional key.

5) the context menus in contacts could have the cut/copy/paste entries.

6) how about customizable key strokes like gimp

7) is there any way to remove the attachment from a mail while the

8) a filter based on whether the sender/recipient is in a certain
contacts folder or category would be nice.


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