Re: [Evolution] who to report this bug to

On Tue, 2001-08-28 at 23:05, Craig Longman wrote:

one thing that has bugged me for a while with evolution, is the fact
that you need to stay in the virtual desktop you want the program in
until it loads.

As a workaround, some window managers (such as Sawfish) allow you to
specify parameters / placement to be used for certain windows.  I have
configured mine to place all Evolution windows on workspace 2.

(Gnome Control Center / Sawfish / Matched Windows / Add, set matcher to
"Class" and the argument to "Evolution/evolution", check "workspace" and
set it to 2.)

Of course, this doesn't work unless you're using a window manager that
has this feature, or if you want to place it in different desktops /
workspaces at different times.

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