[Evolution] Problem upgrading with RPMs

I downloaded all the latest RPMs from the /pub/evolution/redhat-62-i386
directory of ftp.ximian.com. Here is what I get when I do a 'rpm -Uvh *
--nodeps' in the directory wih all the rpms:

[root loc-001 evolution]# rpm -Uvh --nodeps *
warning: LOOP:
warning: removing libbonobo-conf0-0.6-ximian.4 "Requires: bonobo-conf" from tsort relations.
warning:     libbonobo-conf0-0.6-ximian.4             Requires: bonobo-conf
warning: removing bonobo-conf-0.6-ximian.4 "Requires: libbonobo_conf.so.0" from tsort relations.
warning:     bonobo-conf-0.6-ximian.4                 Requires: libbonobo_conf.so.0
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

What gives? I also have one other problem: Red-Carpet always crashes in
'real-carpet'. Not sure if it is related.

Ben Ricker
System Administrator

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