Re: [Evolution] I haven't been able to compile Evolution CVS all week

On Sun, 2001-08-19 at 00:50, Dan Hensley wrote:
On 18 Aug 2001 23:19:28 -0400, Damon Chaplin wrote:
On 18 Aug 2001 08:45:32 -0600, Dan Hensley wrote:
...and it's really frustrating.  It's been undefined symbols, etc. all
week.  Here's the latest:

select-names/.libs/ undefined reference to

Have I just been syncing with partially updated CVS every time (I've
tried about 7 times over the past week)?

Partly that and partly that we keep breaking CVS :(

I've noticed.  :-/

The above problem was fixed last night. I think it is compiling OK now
(except pilot support).

Yeah, the change came through a little bit after I tried the first time
this morning.  I noticed that the address book conduit was still not
compiling due to argument mismatches, so I just threw in a few extra
NULLs in the broken function call so the rest of the conduits would
compile.  Hopefully that'll get fixed soon so I can keep testing that
conduit.  I ran into problems with it last time I got it working, but I
haven't been able to test it to put together decent bug reports.

Fixed on Monday.

JP Rosevear                             jpr ximian com
Ximian Inc.                   

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