[Evolution] many problems with imap

hi there,

i am running evolution (downgraded to 0.12 from the lastest snap, as the
latest snap seems to completely broken the filters).  i am having
numerous problems with my imap setup.  i have two mail servers, one
local and one over an encrypted link via a cable modem to another
machine across the continent.

quite frequently ( 20-30 times a day ) the updating of the one or more
of the folders just stops.  this is annoying enough, but the real
problem is that it then completely locks up the whole machine normally.
sometimes, i can still look at other folders, but that is the exception.
and this happens on both servers.  its almost like the entire imap
section is all considered one big critical section, or there is only
ever one thread used to look at the mail servers and when it hangs
everything just has to wait.  it seems to be imap specific, i had been
using pop3 with no problems for a while.

my questions are:
- is imap intended to be considered stable at initial release, or is
that going to come later?
- has anyone found that the uw-imap is perhaps causing all my problems?
and if so, is there a better choice (not cyrus-imap, the damn rpm
available wasted a full day to no avail trying to get it to work).

i'm working on some bug reports for this.  that bugzilla makes it quite
a complicated process...  but i'm trying.

and finally, i have been advised that if i want to create a
sub-directory on an imap server, i should tell the imap client to create
a 'folder' with a trailing slash on the end of it.  this will 'trick'
the server into creating a directory, that i can then store sub-folders
in.  however, evolution blocks this, insisting that the directory name
is not valid.  the uw-imap (by default) does not support sub-folders,
when you create a folder it makes a file that is used to store the email
in in mbox format.  to futher frustrate me, i manually created a
direcctory in the mail dir, but evolution simply ignores it.  i looked
in the ~/evolution/mail/imap/craigl begeek com file, but found that more
than half of the existing server folders weren't present in there, so i
was very reluctant to simply add it in.  are there any plans to address



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