Re: [Evolution] Column adding trouble


On 14 Aug 2001 02:37:23 +0200, Janus Christensen wrote:
It looks like I have found the cause of my troubles with adding
columns to the column row in the messages display. I used the
Matched Windows feature in Sawfish to move the Evolution
window to a specific workspace and as well as to maximize the
window (both vertically and horizontally). Once I removed that,
I no longer had any problems adding colums.

Surprisingly, I have the same setup.  I'm using "Matched Windows" to
move Evolution to a specific workspace and maximize it as well. In
addition, I also have the window be maximized without any window manager
decorations so that Evolution takes up the entire screen.  (much like
Galeon's fullscreen mode, except you can still see the menu panel and
bottom tasklist panel.)

I'm wondering if you're having the same problem as me...

You see, it all works well but unfortunately, since I set the Matched
Window to "Class" -> "evolution" it ends up affecting most evolution
windows... including some popups.  This isn't exactly what I want... for
example, the "Add Column..." dialog.

I've tried doing a Matched Window on "Name" with "evolution",
"evolution-mail", "Evolution"... but nothing seems to work.  I can't get
the sawfish Matched Window feature to only apply to the main evolution

I also tried starting evolution with:

        evolution --name=ev

and creating a Matched Window with "Name"->"ev"... but that didn't work
at all.

Have you seen this same problem? ...and do you know of a solution?

I'd appreciate hearing any experiences you've had.

... and BTW, I found it odd that you were doing this at the same time
that I was having some of these difficulties.



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