Re: [Evolution] question bugs? and features?

Thanks, Ricardo, that worked wonderfully!

Mark question #4 off my list!


- Paul Rodríguez

On 08 Aug 2001 11:32:12 -0500, Ricardo Amadeo Contreras wrote:
On 08 Aug 2001 11:55:39 -0400, paul rodríguez wrote:
Fourth, on key bindings, I'd like to change the existing keybindings so
that the "home"and "end" keys take me to the beginning and end of the
line, not the message unless accompanied by a "ctrl".  How can I do

If you go to:

      Control Center -> HTML Viewer -> Keyboard Shortcuts

you can choose different types of keymappings.  "Emacs like", "XEmacs like", "MS like", or "Custom".   

If you choose the "MS like" style keymapping, you should get the desired behaviour in the compose window.  
(BUT NOT in the regular e-mail viewing pane or window)  

      HOME       -> beginning of line
      END        -> end of line
      Ctrl-HOME  -> beginning of document
      Ctrl-END   -> end of document

Give it a shot...


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