Re: [Evolution] Getting Evolution via RedCarpet

Just hit the "install" icon instead of the update one.

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On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Steve McKay wrote:

I updated my red carpet and now have a Evolution channel, but the only
things there are Gnome HTML Display Engine and Gnome Application
Library.  Do I need to do something else to be able to get the actual
evolution packages?  BTW Im on RH71.

Thanks in advance.

Matt Herzog wrote:

Update a few things from your dist channel.
Magicaly it will appear!

On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 10:26:20AM -0500, Steve McKay wrote:

Not sure if this made it the first time:


I have just installed Gnome 1.4 with RedCarpet 1.0.  I would like to
install evolution as well, but it doesn't show up in my channels list in
RedCarpet (only Redhat 7.1 and Xmian Gnome do).
Is there anything special I have to do to be able to install Evolution
via RedCarpet?

Thanks in advance.

evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com

evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com

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