Re: [Evolution] getting evolution snapshots with red carpet 1.0

Actually if I recall correctly, Red-Carpet uses your apt sources list if
you are on a debian system but our gnome packages have a higher priority
than the debian ones I'd guess. I could be wrong about all of this
though :-)


On 25 Apr 2001 23:34:26 -0400, Sejal Patel wrote:
On 25 Apr 2001 22:33:35 -0400, digger vermont wrote:
I'm using debian and apt. Don't really know what all this Red-Carpet stuff is about.
Is there an advantage to using it over apt?

Not really no.  IMHO, apt-get is actually nicer because you can add your
own locations to check for updates.  Red-Carpet will only allow you to
graphically update your system without worring about dependcy issues
from the channels that they provide you.

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