Re: [Evolution] Red Carpet, Gnome 1.4 etc

We just announced Ximian GNOME 1.4.  No announcement had gone out
previously, since we didn't previously have anything to announce.  The
Red Carpet outage was announced to the Red Carpet mailing list on
Saturday.  The new Red Carpet packages should work as of now.

-Mark Gordon

On 24 Apr 2001 23:22:20 +1000, David Underwood wrote:
I can appreciate all that I have read regarding the need to update the 
server. Yes Beta software is inherently unstable as it is in 
development. I also have no doubt that the 'wait', (if a couple of weeks 
after the release of 1.4 could be called a wait), will be worth it.

I only have one thing to say.

I have subscribed to both the 'Announce' and 'Package update' mailing 
lists. Has anything been posted to inform people of said measures?

If so I haven't recieved any. The systems are in place to keep people 
informed, are they not being used?

David Underwood.

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