Re: [Evolution] Evo suddenly VERY slow

Le 2001.04.24 04:00:42 +0200, Rupert Heesom a écrit :
My copy of Evo has recently become VERY slow.....everything from loading
it to opening up a new composition window; everything is slower.

I seem to remember some others with this problem on this list a while
ago.  If I remember correctly, the solution was to convert each folder
to type MAILDIR rather than type MBOX.   Is this correct?

While I am willing convert mail formats if necessary, this doesn't make
sense to me......  surely if that were the problem, then clearing out a
lot of the mail in the folders should improve the speed?  I've cleared
out a lot of mail myself, but this hasn't helped at all.

I had this problem too, and it appeared I had to killev, killall oafd (as
root) and rm -Rf /tmp/orbit-*, then Evo started to be snappier (well, as
snappy as it can, which is really slow compared as e.g. Balsa. But Balsa is
a lot simpler)


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