Re: [Evolution] Exchange Support?

They have turned it off, and say that they will not turn it on.  They
tell me that running POP3 and IMAP makes Exchange unstable...
I told them that installing Exchange makes it unstable....  they weren't
amused.  So, back to my original question.

Heh. Actually, I run both POP3 and IMAP on my Exchange server, altho no one
accesses it that way - only thru MAPI and OWA.
My Exchange server is quite stable, altho I only have 50 users defined, and
only less than half who actually make any kind of SERIOUS use out of it
(serious is defined as emails, many folders, calendar entries, tasks, etc -
the whole nine yards) . It never crashes. Of course, I pre-emptively reboot
it once 1 month or 2 months, just in case.

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