[Evolution] Evolution and GNOMEs

Mr. Stoos:

I'd be glad to help you with any questions you have. First off, Evolution does not specifically require Ximian GNOME; it does, however, require a somewhat complex number of libraries, and the easiest way to install it is to use the Red Carpet installer from Ximian GNOME. Once Evolution reaches 1.0 status, it will be much easier to install. You should also note that you don't actually have to be *running* GNOME to run Evolution-- if you have it installed, and choose a different desktop (KDE, CDE, or what have you), it will still run fine.

GNOME does indeed stand for the GNU Network Object Model Environment, but the acronym is, quite frankly, not exactly useful in any effort to understand what GNOME actually does. I usually tell people that it provides three basic levels of functionality, all of which work together to form a cohesive, single desktop. First is the development platform: buttons, sliders, widgets of all sorts, CORBA network interfaces, data structures, and so forth. Then, there is the core user experience of the desktop: a desktop manager (now Nautilus, and formerly gmc), a window manager (usually Sawfish), the panel, the gnome-session, and the login manager (gdm). On top of those are the applications themselves: Evolution, XChat, the file browsing functions of Nautilus or gmc, and so forth. There's no clear line, really, between an application and the libraries or other binaries that underly it, and no clear line between "desktop" and "application," but
taken together, all the parts provide those three general areas of use.

Please do give Evolution a try and let me know what you think of it; I'd be glad to discuss functionality, development, and the future path of groupware on the Linux platform with you. The current schedule of releases has the 11th preview release (v. 0.11) due out this May, and Evolution 1.0 due is on track for release this summer.


Aaron Weber
Technical Writer
Ximian, Inc.

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