Re: [Evolution] Focus messes up with autocomplete

On 14 Apr 2001 04:52:52 +0000, dan hensley att net wrote:
Hmmm...  I'm using Sawfish 0.38, in whatever focus mode it
sets up by default.  On the control-panel Focus entry, I 
tried toggling the various choices, but couldn't get anything
to change.  About 2 weeks ago I don't think Evolution did this,
but at least a week ago it started behaving this way.

Incidentally, I just tried switching to IceWM and it exhibited
the same behavior.  So I'm not convinced it's a WM issue.
What version of Evolution are you using?  I'm using evolution-0-10,
gal, gtkhtml, and bonobo updated from CVS today.

  I think it's the Sawfish upgrade.  I am having the same problem after
upgrading to 0.38 as well.  I have not had a change to try a downgrade
yet though.


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