Re: [Evolution] Focus messes up with autocomplete

On 13 Apr 2001 23:00:02 +0000, dan hensley att net wrote:
Whenever I start typing an e-mail address
in one of the address fields of a message, as soon as I
type the first character the autocomplete pulldown shows
up and keyboard focus goes who-knows-where.

This sounds like a window manager hints problem... It doesn't happen for
me at all. What window manager are you using, and with which focus mode?

Hmmm...  I'm using Sawfish 0.38, in whatever focus mode it
sets up by default.  On the control-panel Focus entry, I 
tried toggling the various choices, but couldn't get anything
to change.  About 2 weeks ago I don't think Evolution did this,
but at least a week ago it started behaving this way.

Incidentally, I just tried switching to IceWM and it exhibited
the same behavior.  So I'm not convinced it's a WM issue.
What version of Evolution are you using?  I'm using evolution-0-10,
gal, gtkhtml, and bonobo updated from CVS today.


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