Re: [Evolution] Mbox corruption, etc?

On 11 Apr 2001 09:34:32 -0700, Phil Schwartz wrote:
I had an existing local/Inbox/mbox and related files using evo 0.9.  I
recently received a message that upon viewing it would crash evo
everytime.  I couldn't even highlight it and then delete it because evo
would still try to display it (which would result in a crash).  After
repeating this problem 5 or 6 times I decided to edit to mbox file
directly and remove the offending message.  However, upon doing so, evo
could no longer read the mbox at all.  I tried moving the
mbox.ev-summary and mbox.ibex files out of the way, thinking that evo
would recreate them from the raw mbox file.  However, this was not the

Is there any way to salvage this situation?  

I tried importing the modified file but that crashed too.  D'oh.

  Could we at least have stack traces for the crashes?


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