[Evolution] Should we kill the legal thread?

From: Jeffrey Stedfast [mailto:fejj ximian com]
Can we please just stop this thread? 
Well, there's a good reason that this thread is continuing.  I work for
a large enterprise...an enterprise which already has deployed an
enterprise directory.  If LDAP support was available, I could have
access to the full directory of users instead of having to look them up
on one platform and manually type them in on another.

I love evolution, and am thrilled that Ximian is producing it.  As a
Linux devotee', I look for every opportunity to leverage quality
products that work under Linux.  Ximian's mailer is the best one I've
seen for me under Linux while in X.

I simply don't have the time or energy to download sources and compile
them for my platform just to get LDAP support to work.

I'm doing my best to provide meaningful and relevant feedback about the
issues encountered with the daily builds of Evolution.  I do the best I
can, and it does take a certain amount of my time to pull this off.  My
personal time invested on breaks and during lunches or while working
late.  It's a small contribution I can make to the free software

Like it or not it is *not*
compatable with the GPL so give it a rest. If you don't believe
it then ask Richard Stallman at the FSF. Since he says it's
incompatable, we are not going to link with it.

Is RMS the final authority on such things?  Is he an attorney?

I really don't want to be discussing legal dribble anymore.
I appreciate that.  I'd like to see issues that I've discovered
addressed, like the IMAP crashes that I've reported for the last several

However, this is NOT drivel to me.  It's important to me to be able to
point to the LDAP-compatible server and look up addresses.  Until the
LDAP support comes built-in, I simply can't.

It's painfully obvious to most that IANAL, but in reading the OpenLDAP
license, and RMS' rant on it, I respectfully disagree.  We're not
talking about the QT/Troll Tech kind of license, and I think it's
perfectly reasonable to ask that the distributions be linked with it.

Thanks for reading my rant.

Tom Cooper
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