Re: [Evolution] Won't install on FreeBSD - errors listed here

I finally have recieved some info on the problem witht he FreeBSD port -
"Anyway, last word was that we need to wait for the gnome 1.4 update to
go in -- there are some fixes to gnomevfs which ought to get it to run."
That is a direct quote from the reply. So with that being the case, I
will wait a bit longer and try it later. I do want to see this app in
action, I like the description of it.


On 02 Apr 2001 21:01:46 +0500
Dan Winship <danw ximian com> surely must have wrote something like:

I am using FreeBSD 4.2 and get the following error when building
the ports collection.

In general, if building from ports doesn't work, you should take it up
with the ports maintainers, since presumably they wouldn't have
a port out of software that doesn't build on FreeBSD, so if it doesn't
build for you, it's some problem with how the port is set up.

configure: 4731: checking ORBit version
(end of "config.log")

What does the configure output say? It looks like bonobo doesn't like
the version of ORBit you have installed (which implies the port isn't
depending on the right minimum version of ORBit).

-- Dan

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