Re: [Evolution] Edit Message as New

    Hi Rod,

Netscape has this great feature where you can edit a sent message as
new.  It would be great if you could do the same with evolution.  I just
tried to send an email to the evo list, but typed the email address in
wrong.  Whilst it wasn't difficult to open a new composer window and
copy the contents of the badly addressed message accross, it would've
been a lot more convenient to have been able to just right clicked and
selected "open message as new" which would open the current message in a
new composer window which was fully editable.
   I was thinking to the same feature. My problem is worse than yours,
because every time I want to copy-paste a sent message, evo crashes. I
have to copy-paste to gedit and then from gedit to a new message. This
problem apparently doesn't come up when I try to copy-paste a received
message (same as 'forward inline').. it's just a problem of 'resend to
other' copy-paste thingie !

Also, I noticed while I was looking at netscape, that netscape gives you
two options from forwarding email.  Neither actually forwards the email
as an attachment, but I thought it wouldn't be bad to offer up two
options - forward inline or forward as an attachment -  so that people
could forward the email as they prefer.  You'd still need to default to
something for the forward button, but atleast it would give the
flexibility that most people seem to want. Personally I like the idea of
both being available at the same time.
   Right click on the message header, you'll see two wonderful options,
one is named 'forward' wich forwards as an attachement, and the other
one is named 'forward inline' which creates a message from the message
you want to forward.

    So long,

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