Re: [Evolution] importing address books

Yes, I had the same problem...It seems changing the field from TEL;WORK:
to TEL;PREF makes the phone number show up as "Primary"...I wonder what
is the (if it exists) standard for this kind of thing. I would like to
know what EVO expects from the fields also...

On 03 Apr 2001 23:50:28 -0400, Fernando Pereira wrote:
After removing an old, probably corrupted addressbook.db, I was able to
import my Gnomecard address book without crashes. However, the entries
do not seem to have been fully interpreted. Name and email were imported
successfully, but most phone numbers and addresses weren't. Curiously,
the new addressbook.db contains the phone number and address data, but
they are not visible on the Contacts view. I'm wondering whether Evo
might expect different field names than those used by Gnomecard, and
whether there might be some configuration file that I would be able to
edit to adjust this.

-- F

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