[Evolution] Can't move message to trash + Cant send this error report

Just loaded  Evolution 0.10 [+cvs.2001.] and found the
following problems:

1) If I right click on a message and select 'Move To Folder', then
select Trash,
     I get the following message on the terminal:

evolution-shell-CRITICAL **: file e-storage-set-view.c: line 1851
(e_storage_set_view_set_current_folder): assertion `path != NULL &&
g_path_is_absolute (path)' failed.

   An error dialog pops up with the following:

   "No such folder home/mike/evolution/local/Trash." |

   Looks like leading slash is missing....

2)   When pressing the Send button after composing a mail,  I always get
an error message that says
       'You must supply a recipient'   ( or something like that).    The
error message pops up whether the To: field
       is filled in or not.    Thus, can't send mail....

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