[Evolution] Ramblings, feature requests, what if's

Good evening, all.  I'm in a bit of toy overload at the moment.  New
laptop, new cell phone, and a couple of other new tidbits that are
keeping me on my toes trying to stay organized.

I've succeeded this evening in getting Evolution in a state that I find
usable, to an extent. I'm sucking down mail from my main IMAP server
with fetchmail, backing up messages with procmail, and letting Evolution
sort them into folders.  Provided I've got my sendmail configuration
cobbled together enough where I can send mail without screwing things up
royally, I'm in good shape.

My only real reservation about using Evolution at the moment is that I
can't see where I can interact with the mail data in any way other than
using Evo.  For example, I'd like to be able to use pine if Evo is
unusable, and archive messages automatically using some kind of external

What happens if I modify ~/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox when Evo's
running?  When its not?  Will the folder summaries get rebuilt without
screwing up the data?  Can I add and delete folders under local (or
anywhere else, for that matter) and have the changes be recognized by
Evo?  Is there a way I can have something (a perl script, for example)
modify one of the mbox files while Evo is running, perhaps by locking
the file?  I'd like to archive sent messages on the first of each month,
but without regard to whether Evo's running at the time or not.

How modular is the mail transport back end?  Thus far, we've got mbox,
pop, imap, and probably a couple of others.  How difficult,
conceptually, would it be to write a MySQL backend?

Is it possible to have an option whereby *all* outgoing mails are GPG

Think that's it for now. Just wanted to get a couple of things out.


Brian Lalor
blalor hcirisc cs binghamton edu, among others...

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