Re: [Evolution] Ramblings, feature requests, what if's

On 03 Apr 2001 22:03:23 -0700, Brian Lalor wrote:

I've succeeded this evening in getting Evolution in a state that I find
usable, to an extent. I'm sucking down mail from my main IMAP server
with fetchmail, backing up messages with procmail, and letting Evolution
sort them into folders.  Provided I've got my sendmail configuration
cobbled together enough where I can send mail without screwing things up
royally, I'm in good shape.

My only real reservation about using Evolution at the moment is that I
can't see where I can interact with the mail data in any way other than
using Evo.  For example, I'd like to be able to use pine if Evo is
unusable, and archive messages automatically using some kind of external

Why don't you let Evo look directly at the IMAP server, or clone the
IMAP server mail tree locally (there is a program on to do
this, syncmail or something).  That way when Evo dies Pine or Netscape
can be used to read the mail.  My incoming mail comes from a POP3 server
which is then put on my local disk by fetchmail, then I run an IMAP
server locally so that I can use Evo/Netscape/Pine to read the mail.

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