Re: [Evolution] gnome 1.4

Yes, from It's not in our packages yet.


On 03 Apr 2001 14:13:31 -0500, Austin Gonyou wrote:
Is Ximain Gnome 1.4 available yet?

Austin Gonyou
Systems Architect
Coremetrics, Inc.
Phone: 512-796-9023
email: austin coremetrics com

On 3 Apr 2001, Matthew Herzog wrote:

Hi Florin.

We have had no problems using Evolution with
Gnome-1.4 Beta. We will certainly patch and
test Gnome-1.4 to work seamlessly with Evo.


On 02 Apr 2001 20:23:49 -0700, Florin Andrei wrote:

If i will upgrade to Gnome-1.4, Evolution will continue to work?
I'm asking this because i'm already using Evolution for my business

Florin Andrei

using Out-of-luck Express / Windows $0.02 Terminally ill Edition

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Matthew Herzog                   Tech Support Monkey 
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