[Evolution] small requests

1. Could the dialog that pops up while checking mail first check if
there are any new messages and then pop up only if there are some? If
there are no new messages, perhaps it could put a "No New Messages"
indication in the status bar in lieu of popping up.

2. If I'm in a folder with no new messages, and i press 'n', I would
like evo to prompt me with "Go to next new message in <foldername>?",
where foldername is the next folder containing a new message (a la
netscape). Or maybe this could be a setting somewhere, and then it
wouldn't prompt.

3. Improve printing for Contacts "Phone List" and "By Company" views.
They are unusable now.

4. Whenever mail is fetched, all VFolders should be updated. The
_current_ VFolder should be updated whenever message focus changes. So
an "unread" VFolder would have messages disappear from it as you read
them and moved on. Also, whenever anything causes the flags (deleted,
read, important, etc) on a given message to change, the VFolders should
be searched to see if they contain that message and updated. This should
be quicker than an all-out update of every VFolder.

5. The bar between the standard toolbar position and the main window
that displays the name of the current folder could be used to display
more information, as it often wastes space. Something like the
Inbox: 530 Messages, 57 Unread, 12 Urgent
It could even be configurable as to what information goes there.

6. A folder that contains a subfolder with unread mail in it should only
be bold if the subfolder containing the new mail is not visible, IMO.

7. There should be "Actions" similar to "Filters." They would be
specified in the same or a similar way, but could be applied singly to
all highlighted messages / folders / etc. Like I could highlight a
folder, right click -> Apply Action -> Delete Older Than 1 Month. Or you
could even have target folders for these actions, with an option to
"Apply on Expunge" or "Apply on Folder Exit" or whatever. This would be
*very* powerful. I've often wanted this, but have been stuck having to
apply all filters. This could also be done by allowing filters to be
inactive or active, and to allow you to apply them singly, instead of
all at once.

8. People keep arguing about ease of use and configurability being
inversely related to one another. Something like the Nautilus user
levels would be perfect for evolution. All the expunge behavior
customizations and forwarding inline and custom actions on folders could
only be available to "Expert" users or whatever. No point in making what
you think are "sensible defaults" for the average user and forcing the
power user to become somewhat dissatisfied at certain things. I guess
this would be a post-1.0 feature though.

Thanks for a great product, and thanks for your time,

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