[Evolution] overly aggressive mailbox importing

I just downloaded snapshot 2001. When it started, it told me
that it had found "Pine" mailboxes, would I like to import them. This
confused me, since I never used Pine, so I assumed that it had noticed
something Pine-like in some mailboxes I had converted with a script from
other mailers when I started using Evo. A long while later, it came back
and told me it had found some "Elm" mailboxes, would I like to import
them. I said yes to that too, under the same assumption. Grind, grind.
Comes back and tels me it has found some "Netscape" mailboxes, would I
like those too. What the heck, yes. Oops, evolution-mail crashes. Follow
with killev, oaf-slay, restart. My evolution directory is *full* of
mailboxes that have no business being there. What had happened is that
Evo had somehow found subdirectories of my home directory containing
mail files, of which I have lots from earlier mail clients I've tried
(balsa, mahogany, netscape, and even older ones I've brought to this
machine from Eudora and Emacs VM) and attempted to convert them
(including things like the balsa index files...) 

It would be nice if when Evo offers to import mail files, it would say
which directory it found the files under, and also if it would report
each file it converts as it does it.

-- F

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