Re: [Evolution] HTML-bug

Okay, I've fixed the output so that it no longer saves both a <br> and a
\n in pre mode.  It still renders a <br>\n in pre mode with only one
line feed, I've entered a bug about on that.  Thanks for the report.


On 02 Apr 2001 11:00:52 +0200, Erik Bågfors wrote:
I don't know if this is just in my old snapshot but here it goes.  

If I sent a mail in HTML that has lines with <pre> in it, the resulting
HTML will have <br> tags within the <pre>-tags which means it will have
dubble linebreaks at each line.

the code will look something like this
this is a line<br>
this is a new line<br>

When showing this in evolution everything lookes great but under other
html-viewers it has two line-breaks for each line (one from pre and one
from br).  Outlook users don't like this.

I send this in html so you can test it.

This is a line
This is a new line


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