Re: [Evolution] latest snapshot

Le 2001.04.02 20:14:34 +0200, Dan Winship a écrit :
- still doesn't display cut'n'paste HTML from IE/Outlook

Can you clarify that? (Do you really mean you're cutting from IE or
Outlook [running under wine or vmware?] and pasting into Evolution?)

Sorry, I was not clear. When you copy part of a web page from IE, paste it
into Outlook, and send it to an Evolution account, inline images are still
not displayed in the mail. But I know you are aware of this.
- Seems to crash less with simultaneous POP retreivals ... time will

Does it still crash at all (during mail retrieval)? That bug should be

Well, it still hasn't crashed (I tried several times with various mail
loads). I think I can safely say this annoying bug is fixed.

Good !


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