Re: [Evolution] latest snapshot

Does it still crash at all (during mail retrieval)? That bug should be

Well, it still hasn't crashed (I tried several times with various mail
loads). I think I can safely say this annoying bug is fixed.

I reckon you're just lucky, since it crashed in libibex and that hasn't
changed for months.

I've been running some regression tests (the last one ran all night on
an athlon 1200 :(, and I am not getting anywhere.  Under very rare
circumstances I can get it to crash (actually i have to turn on mcheck),
but if i run it under any sort of debugger it never fails (and we're
talking a lot of heavy testing, millions of flat out updates while
performing flat out lookups from another thread).

I've never seen any corrupted file errors either, just mcheck can bomb
out, but nothing else (i save/reload the file often).

If I use mcheck i sometimes get clobbered memory but the result doesn't
make a lot of sense, and i have no idea what's causing it.  It never
crashes (so far) when I do single-threaded operation.  But that doesn't
make sense either, the locking is so simple, etc.

So, either mcheck is getting confused, or its not, or ibex memory is
being corrupted by other things going on, or well I dont know.  I need
to do some purify.


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