Re: [Evolution] IMAP: password & permissions

I think I fixed the second bug thursday or friday. Dan? Comments?
Anyways, it was basically just a minor bug that assumed that the base
url did not end with a "/" char (and it did) so when you append "/INBOX"
you get a URL which is not what you really wanted :)


On 31 Mar 2001 09:17:36 -0800, Keith Irwin wrote:
In the last two snapshots (the latest being +cvs.2001. I've 
experienced some consistent problems:

1. IMAP Password

No matter how many times I enter my password or click on the "save 
password" checkbox in the settings, it doesn't get saved.  When I 
restart evolution, I'm asked again.

2. IMAP Permissions

When trying to access an IMAP folder with actual messages in it, I get 
an error: "Error while 'Opening folder imap://irwink localhost//INBOX': 
IMAP server response did not contain LIST information."

Mozilla seems to find my IMAP and list contents just fine, so I don't 
think it's that.

I deleted the /evolution folder and started again: same problems.

Since I haven't seen any messages listing this last problem, perhaps 
there's something wrong on my end.  I'll continue to investigate.


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